Monday, February 2, 2009

Gassy Gussie, Silly Hussy...

Yep. My roomies Suki and Nomi are totally gross! They went to Taco Bell and they are literally lifting off of the couch! So disgusting I could totally vomit.

Oh my gosh! I didn't even introduce myself...I am a RealDoll, and my name is Shane. I am a full time model and I love to shoot glamour and porn the best!! I am a Playboy model (I hope to become a playmate like Taylor Nishino). I date rich men and let them spoil me rotten! I am a total horn-dog so I happily put out to my rich boyfriends and let them photograph me in compromising positions. When my boyfriend is working too much and I can't get any- I totally bitch fuck my roommate Nomi. I love girls, and I really want to do a girldoll/girldoll photoshoot.

here I am in a shoot playing with myself, while thinking about Nomi:

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